Rock and Roll the way it was intended to be played! Gritty and unpretentious with a strong bluesy rock influence, Beat The Devil is a good time from start to finish. I know I review much heavier material here for PureGrainAudio, and I really dig some of the brutally heavy stuff as well, but I cut my teeth on this type of rock ‘n roll and it still holds a special place in my heart. I absolutely love the rawness and honesty of this album and the fact that the songs all contain catchy hooks, big choruses and enough swagger to satisfy even the most discriminate listener is a big plus.

From the very first riff-driven notes the groove seeps in and burrows deep inside your soul becoming so infectious, you cannot help but move to it. After listening to this through a few times I can tell you it felt good to get back to my roots; oh how I missed them. With an incredible lineup boasting Rob Carlyle on vocals and guitar, guitarist Richard Fortus and drummer Frank Ferrer from Guns ‘n Roses fame and bassist Sami Yaffa from Hanoi Rocks and The New York Dolls, I guess it’s sort of inevitable that The Compulsions released a record this good. Bottom line, this is absolutely one you will want to check out… it has made its way into my regular rotation.

Track Listing:

01. Hired Gun
02. I Just Wanna Play Guitar
03. Dirty Woman Blues
04. Yer Too Good Fa Me
05. Eat My Dust
06. Ea$y Money
07. Ya Never Got Me Down
08. She’s So F****n’ Sexy
09. I Was Right, You Were Wrong
10. Shut Yer Hole (feat. Hubert Sumlin)

Run Time: 35:45
Release Date: ??

Check out the song “I Was Right, You Were Wrong” here.