Montreal, QC psychobilly’s The Brains are back with their 2011 Stomp Records release, Drunk Not Dead. The band sets up their customary 3piece drums, guitar and stand up bass and slap their way through 13 short, undead and to-the-point tracks. Their mix of punk and psychobilly overlayed with snappy vocals makes for catchy songs that latch on to your brain and don’t let go. With cool tracks from “Four Beasts Ride” and “We Are The Brains” to “Oh Murder!” and “Horsemen”, Drunk Not Dead in my opinion, holds the best songs The Brains have written to date.

Track Listing:

01. Horsemen
02. Four Beasts Ride
03. Take What I Want (Souvenir Of Monte Christo)
04. We Are The Brains
05. Six Rounds
06. Oh Murder!
07. Premonitions
08. High On Speed
09. Gato Calavera
10. Drunk Not Dead
11. Pourquoi Me Laisser
12. I’m Your Nightmare
13. In League

Run Time: 28:50
Release Date: October 18, 2011

Check out the song: “Take What I Want (Souvenir Of Monte Christo)”