Heavy metal/hard rock band Queensrÿche is one of the few I know who’ve managed to retain most (4 of 5) of their original members throughout their career; which dates back to 1981. That said for their 2011 Loud & Proud label debut, Dedicated To Chaos, the group has invited Parker Lundgren and Kelly Gray to take over the vacant guitar position.

On this release Queensrÿche has tucked away their heavy metal side and focused on the hard rock sound of which they’ve always shown undertones in the past. Some may call this “selling out”, but I call it “reinventing”. They’ve created simpler music which for new fans (possibly the kids of old fans) is easier to grasp. The instrumentals are simple, sticking to chord progressions like a rock band, yet with high vocals like a metal band. Even the guitar leads have been toned down. Dedicated To Chaos doesn’t have as strong of a punch as past works, but one can still get into it, seeing Queensrÿche in a new light.

Track Listing:

01. Get Started
02. Hot Spot Junkie
03. Got It Bad
04. Higher
05. Wot We Need
06. Around The World
07. Drive
08. At The Edge
09. I Take You
10. Retail Therapy
11. The Lie
12. Big Noize

Run Time: 53:55
Release Date: June 28, 2011

Check out the song: “Get Started”