Hopes Die Last is a post-hardcore metal band imported from Rome, Italy. After several successful albums and tours under their belt, the band will be releasing a brand new effort titled Trust No One, this Valentine’s Day, Tuesday, February 14th. Vocalist Daniele Tofan sat down with PureGrainAudio to discuss the buzz surrounding their upcoming release.

I am a huge fan of Hopes Die Last. What is going on with the band right now?
Daniele: We are waiting for Trust No One official release on February 14th. We are planning new tours and promotional pressing magazines, radio and TV.

You have guys have an interesting story. You’re from Rome, Italy. Tell me about the local music scene there?
Daniele: In my opinion (then maybe I’m wrong) in Italy there’s a devastating collapse compared to the years when we debuted, but I believe strongly that it is a transitional phase. As in all things, also due at the time of crisis that our nation is passing, which is also riper quote on our scene… posterity will judge, but I am very optimistic from this point of view.

How did you catch the attention of Standby Records?
Daniele: They contacted us through our MySpace many years ago, when MySpace was still functional for the band. And from there was born a working relationship that continues during the years.

Check out the song: “Unleash Hell”

Tell me about your previous releases.
Daniele: We are very satisfied about previous work… but as always happens over the years, the sound tends to mature. But looking back we know we have always done what we felt at that moment. Your Face Down Now was the debut, but it did have a very strong potential. Six Years Home is a very introspective album and very dark in some ways more personal. With Trust No One the story changes dramatically.

Tell me about Trust No One. What is the meaning behind the album title?
Daniele: The title resumes the creepy condition we are living nowadays: the world has become a place where we can’t really trust anyone, sometimes ourselves neither.

What is the general meaning, theme, and message of this album?
Daniele: The concept expressed on the cover is closely tied to the title. It’s about a little girl, who embodies innocence, with her mouth bloodstained because she has clearly killed and eaten up someone. That recalls the title: Trust No One, not even the most innocent and harmless things.

Tell me about the series of music videos including “Chapter One: Unleash Hell” and “Chapter Two: Never Trust The Hazel Eyes”.
Daniele: It all started very casually. At the beginning the idea was to produce the video exactly how to unleash hell. Then thinking about a new idea for the second video I thought: “Why propose a new idea when the video was just released to be exactly like a movie?” And how all the big blockbusters have a sequel, the idea of producing video for “Never Trust The Hazel Eyed” and a second section connected to the first and create a kind of short movie. The concept was developed due to our devotion to directors like Rodriguez, Tarantino, Guy Ritchie and their masterpieces, a sort of homage to the career that in recent years they have given us!

“Chapter One: Unleash Hell” and “Chapter Two: Never Trust The Hazel Eyes” are somewhat violent music videos. You don’t seem to want the videos broadcast on major music channels. What is the strategy?
Daniele: No strategy about it! We wanted to create violent video titles as they are violent films that inspired the series. If they will not be accepted by the major music channels, “YouTube will save us!”

For those who do not know, you guys covered Katy Perry’s song “Firework”. Tell me about that.
Daniele: Everything started as a joke. One day, listening to Katy Perry’s song on the radio, we said: “Who knows… maybe it wouldn’t be that bad if we try to make it in Hopes Die Last style”. It was immediately re-arranged and recorded. But as I’ve said before it was just a nice game for us, I think our experience with covers is over at the moment.

I am very excited about the launch and release of your new album due February 14th, 2012. What upcoming plans do you have to support this album?
Daniele: I’m so glad about that! We are promoting the new record in worldwide waiting for February 14 (official release date) and schedule new promotional tours around the world throughout 2012! Look at our Facebook to stay up to date on all news. We have a good year full of events!

Any final comments?
Daniele: Thanks so much for the space granted us! And I recommend to all readers: On St. Valentine Day Trust No One comes out our new record! Don’t miss it!

Check out the song: “Chapter Two: Never Trust the Hazel Eyed”