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The Skinny: Normally we like to write up our own little blurbs about bands and the cool crap they say, play or do. In this case, Impossible Voyage have done it so well that we’re just ripping off their shit. So read on to see how this band came to be, what they’ve endured and why you should care. Now press play, download the fucking song, and so on and so forth.

Anthony Gobeille formed Impossible Voyage in the Summer of ’09. Since then, the band has experienced a palpable plethora of particularly painful personnel changes, with each departure teaching the remaining members more and more about the fragility of beautiful things.

The band is now in the sixth generation of lineups over the last two and a half years, having featured five different drummers, three different members on bass, and two on guitar. This type of volatility in the makeup of a band can be quite trying on the concerned party. However, just like the astronauts of Apollo-11, Edmund Hillary atop Mt. Everest, or any other individual seeking to surmount the seemingly insurmountable, the denizens of Impossible Voyage journeyed on.

After losing all of its founding members aside from one, the band looked to be entering its final hours. In a last act of faith, Gobeille, as if inspired by Lion-O, shouted to the world at large, “IMPOSSIBLE VOYAGE, HOOOOOO!!!!” Hearing him beckon, Matt Olsson and Tommy Van Herwarde, the current drummer and guitarist of the band, combined their powers of Jazz, Folk, Punk, Post-Hardcore, and Metal with the almost Voltron-esque precision. Also taking heed to the call, in the dark, dank depths of some cavern unknown to mankind, bassist Gregory Maniago responded, adding the bottom end (feet and legs) to the quickly forming wealth of awe-inspiring justice. Gobeille then added, “And I’ll form the SYNTH!”

With that, the most powerful band to ever walk the face of Hyrule, ZLAD II, Coruscant, or even Omicron Persei 8 was completed, in its perfect form. The band has proclaimed the year 2012 as The Year of the Voyage, and has since released the Meatman & Cinderella EP. The follow up to MM&C, an LP of mysterious title, is currently under construction, but will soon rattle the very foundations of the Universe. Drink whiskey. Shower in milk. Become cats. Impossible Voyage is here to stay.


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