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The Skinny: Daniel Godfrey is the genius behind the alternative rock entity known as I Am The Icarus. Hailing from sunny San Diego, California and currently repped by Authentik Artists, this one man soundbomb is rapidly growing his fanbase through real rock with undeniable 90s influences ranging from the Smashing Pumpkins to Nine Inch Nails to Nirvana. Armed with a new, self-titled, five track EP, two songs of which were produced by Shaun Lopez (FAR, Deftones), I Am The Icarus is on the verge of blowing up.

Said Daniel of this exclusive free download: “I wrote “Back And To The Left” possibly faster than any song I’ve ever written. Much of this record was me trying to recapture what I loved about being in a band in the first place. As a result I didn’t over-think the songwriting, I just sort of let it happen. Most of the lyrics don’t mean anything and are just contradictions and a few little cryptic messages. Really I just wanted to write a song like “I Hate Myself And I Want To Die” by Nirvana. The “everyone is someone else’s faggot” line is basically me attacking bigots and xenophobic assholes who have thrown that particular epithet in my direction far too often.”


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