Gothenburg, Sweden-based noisemakers Hammerfall are one of the most prominent bands in the global power metal scene. Amassing a tremendous amount of material over the years a compilation album was created to showcase some of the group’s finest work from 1997–2006. Released via Nuclear Blast Records, Steel Meets Steel – Ten Years Of Glory, features 3 new songs (“The Abyss”, “Last Man Standing”, and “Restless Soul”) and remastered versions of all the other tunes. This 2 disc set has a total of 29 tracks and a “HammerFall v2.0.07” rough mix video.

If you’re familiar with Hammerfall, then you’ll already know how this album sounds; power metal with heavy/fast instrumentals and high-pitched vocals abound. What makes this release neat however, is the clear portrayal of the evolution of Hammerfall’s writing. The maturity in their power metal sound clearly has grown with each release and of course, the remastered music sounds more crisp. Steel Meets Steel – Ten years Of Glory needs to be owned by every Hammerfall fan… even if the band forgot to add knight Hector to the cover art.

Track Listing:

Disc 1:
01. The Abyss
02. Last Man Standing
03. HammerFall v2.0.07
04. The Dragon Lies Bleeding
05. Steel Meets Steel
06. Glory To The Brave
07. Heeding The Call
08. At The End Of The Rainbow
09. Legacy Of Kings
10. Let the Hammer Fall [live]
11. Templars Of Steel
12. Renegade
13. Always Will Be
14. Keep The Flame Burning
15. Riders Of The Storm

Disc 2:
01. Hearts On Fire
02. Crimson Thunder
03. Hero’s Return
04. Blood Bound
05. Secrets
06. Fury Of The Wild
07. Never, Ever
08. Threshold
09. Natural High
10. Dark Wings, Dark Words
11. The Fire Burns Forever
12. Restless Soul
13. The Metal Age [live]
14. Stone Cold [live]
15. HammerFall v2.0.07 [Rough Mix Version]

Run Time: 2:16:56
Release Date: October 23, 2007

Check out the song: “Legacy Of Kings”