Has anyone seen a really big bearded man rocking venues across Canada, maybe drunk on Jagermeister? If you know who I’m talking about then you’ve most likely seen the Montreal, QC group Endast with their hard-to-miss vocalist Big James Arsenian. This guy may look scary, but he’s in fact a really nice – I met him at Heavy MTL 2012 and he gave me a copy of their third full-length, Black Cloud.

Black Clouds is full of loud, heavy metalcore with aggressively shouted vocals overlaying both thrashing and melodic guitar riffs, and on occasion you’ll hear a nifty guitar solo. The music slows down for the song “Blue Skies” but it’s a nice, clean bridge/break in the album. Endast sticks to similar formula for each song, but overall the music kicks ass. I highly encourage metal fans to check out these Canadians; I can see them going places.

Track Listing:

01. Growing Pains
02. A Perfect Mistake
03. Who Dares Wins
04. Martyr
05. Five Percent
06. The Snake Will Eat Itself
07. A Path Less Travelled
08. Blue Skies
09. Soiled Hands
10. Bury Me In The Underground
11. Confessions
12. Black Clouds
13. Pray For Rain

Run Time: 57:36
Release Date: July 5, 2011

Check out the song: “Black Cloud”