Edison New Jersey thrashers Eliminator released their first full-length, Breaking The Wheel, back in 2008. The album consists of 7 ferocious tracks that will make your head spin. With the intense vocals the music sounds like a hyper version of black metal. The only aspect I didn’t enjoy about Breaking The Wheel is how, instead of staying constant, the sound quality changes for each song. Guess that’s what can happen when one goes at an album DIY style with no/minimal help? In the end these are some vicious tunes for real thrash fans. Everyone better support Eliminator so they can pay for better future recordings.

Track Listing:

01. World Obliteration
02. Breaking The Wheel
03. Holocaust War Metal
04. The Punisher
05. Disgust
06. Service Your Leader
07. Prescription For Extinction…Time Enough At Last

Run Time: 34:50
Release Date: September 28, 2008

Check out the song: “Holocaust War Metal”