Visual kei jrock band D’espairsRay made their North American debut with their sophomore album Mirror. This release saw the Japanese group raise to international levels and like many jrock artists, the full-length consists of new songs and a handful of previously released singles.

Mirror plays through twelve tracks of heavily distorted instrumentals and upbeat beats. Their sound is somewhat softened thanks to an acoustic guitar overlay and the lyrics are almost entirely in Japanese (even though the song titles are in English). This obviously is what helps to separate D’espairsRay from other North American artists.

Mirror was the beginning of a fruitful career for D’espairsRay. They became one of the bigger jrock bands the world saw and even began to push their music internationally. Alas they are no longer together. R.I.P. D’espairsRay!

Track Listing:

04. SIXty∞NINe
05. 凍える夜に咲いた花
07. Lost Scene
08. Hollow
09. Closer To Ideal
10. Angeldust
11. Squall
12. Kaleidoscope

Run Time: 56:35
Release Date: March 18, 2008

Check out the song: “MIЯROR”