Bereft is a Los Angeles based melodic sludgy doom band featuring Sacha Dunable of Intronaut and Graviton, Derek Donley of National Sunday Law and Graviton, Charles Elliott of Abysmal Dawn and ex-The Faceless vocalist Derek Rydquist. Check out their new song “The Coldest Orchestra” HERE.

Elliott has stated that Bereft is all about “dark, depressing doom… definitely different from what we do in our usual bands. It’s heavy as hell and we’re all really proud of how the record and collaboration came out, and we hope people feel the same way.” The debut album ‘Leichenhaus’, a conceptual album thematically revolving around a waiting mortuary, is due April 24th on The End Records.

‘Leichenhaus’ Track Listing:

01. Corpse Flower
02. Mentality Of The Inanimate
03. Withered Efflorescence
04. The Coldest Orchestra
05. A Cruel Mirage
06. Ethereal Dispersal
07. …And You Are But A Thought