Thunder Pit is the newest release from the Canadian groove metal act, Waster. I was not familiar with these guys before I began listening, so I had no biases or expectations… what I though, found was a mix bag of sorts.

Let’s start with the things I really liked; the heaviness, the grooviness and the killer guitar playing. If I were reviewing the disc on these elements alone, I think my rating would be a bit higher as the songs are pretty damn good. However I must review this as a whole, so here are the things I didn’t like… Thunder Pit is, at times, so overdriven and distorted that it could be very hard for me to listen to. Secondly, and perhaps it is due to the distortion, I am not sure, the vocals can be extremely nerve-wracking/grating and I had a hard time listening all the way through the album in one sitting.

I don’t think Thunder Pit is an awful disc, but I also don’t think I will be listening to again anytime soon; it is a bit too much for me.

Track Listing:

01. Thunder Pit
02. Explicit Rocket Rider
03. Highabetic
04. Forty Creek & 40 Speed
05. Techno Rollercoaster
06. So Devil
07. Slumberjack
08. Powerburner
09. Whiskey Woman
10. Tongue Cancer

Run Time: 35:45
Release Date: October 11, 2011

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