The Noise Around The Mean, the newest release from the Canadian band The Fires Of, is an indie/pop gem of a record. “Memories In Flight” opens the disc with a hypnotic drum beat that immediately grabs your attention and sucks you in, compelling you to listen further. The EP’s five songs run the gamut from indie rock and Americana to more ballad-type tunes, but no matter what the tempo, they’re all grooving and passionate.

While I think every tune on this disc is well-written and enjoyable, “I Can’t Sleep” is the standout tune for me. It’s a bit slower than the others, but the combination of violin and Lisa Di Diodato’s ethereal vocals really got under my skin.

With a very few exceptions, it has been my experience that songs over five or six minutes long usually become quite boring and repetitive. So when I noticed that “Somebody tell Me I’m Dreaming” topped out at almost nine minutes long, I was sure it would be no different. While an adventurous undertaking, I think it works extremely well in this circumstance; I never once found myself distracted or bored. Bottom line, The Noise Around The Mean is a really good disc from an incredibly talented new band. Don’t miss it!

Track Listing:

01. Memories In Flight
02. I Can’t Sleep
03. One Decent Thing
04. Sleeping In
05. Somebody Tell Me I’m Dreaming

Run Time: 24:58
Release Date: February 14, 2012

Check out the song: “Memories In Flight”