The horror, the terror, THEY’RE BACK… Terrorhorse have returned with their second release, Unrequited and Unscathed. With a line up change, (Adam Quenneville (bass) and Zack Sullivan (vocals) and with more musical experience, they’ve once again taken the reigns and produced eight new chaotic songs.

The band yet again entered Ice House Studios with Thomas Ireland and this time around, the complex instrumentals are better structured giving them a more fierce sound. Vocally they stick to standard growling which definitely plays a big role in making the music stronger; however, with the simpler growls the guitarists can go to town shredding like there’s no tomorrow. As a whole, the band seems more united giving them a tighter sound. Unrequited and Unscathed is a definite improvement from their This Ain’t No Goddamn Mirage EP.

Track Listing:

01. Modern Mathematics
02. Feral
03. City Sleepers
04. Magnolia
05. Prelude
06. Human Geography
07. Cinema
08. This Much Is True

Run Time: 33:29
Release Date: July 14, 2010

Check out the song: “Modern Mathematics”