Sitting down with Trevor during the Summer Slaughter tour I got to pick his brain apart about the band, Patrick Swayze and everything in between. One thing I got to question him about was the artwork he has all over his body. Here’s how it went.

When did you get your first tattoo?
Trevor: I was about 19 when I got it.

What is it of and who did your tattoo?
Trevor: They are the tools of the trade from the Carcass EP and it was done by Aaron Ruby who plays bass for Walls Of Jericho and tattoos out of Eternal in Lavonia, Michigan; he also did my puss-head jar. The Carcass tattoo is to show my love for them and I picked out the scariest and gnarliest looking ones and then arranged them all, brought them into the shop and there we are.

Do you regret any of your tattoos?
Trevor: Yes and no. I kind of wish I did my right arm all in one shot rather then piece by piece and mostly just arrangements. So just planning is the key to successful tattooing.

Who would you recommend if I wanted to get some ink done?
Trevor: I would say Jeff Zuck and he works out of Name Brand in Ann Arbor, Michigan and he just does really amazing work. He did the top half of my left arm and his work is always really detailed and vibrant and ya he wold be my choice.