Set It Off’s music video for “Horrible Kids” is premiering now HERE. The music video was filmed in the band’s hometown of Tampa, FL, with director Ernie Gilbert, and explores their past experiences of dealing with and overcoming bullying.

Vocalist Cody Carson elaborates, “I wrote “Horrible Kids” to tell the story that a lot of people won’t. It’s about my experiences growing up. I was that kid mentioned in the bridge of the song. We wanted this song to encourage the victims of bullying to keep their head up and keep pushing through life, no matter who attempts to stand in the way.”

In regards to the video concept Carson adds, “We’re all comic book nerds, so when Ernie brought the prospect to us that we’d be defeating the bullies by tinkering with our instruments and blowing them out of the room with the music in a comic book/Scott Pilgrim-style way, we were very excited, to say the least! The moral of the story and music video is that success is the best revenge. Stay focused on what you love.”

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