Let me start by saying that I’m a horror movie fan, and I especially like the slightly off-center ‘B’ movies. I’ve been watching horrors for decades now and have always maintained that blood and gore don’t bother me, so bring your ‘A’ game, I can handle it! Man was I wrong. After Party Massacre takes things to all new levels of gore and repulsion.

Without giving too much away there’s a scene early on that totally caught me off guard and set the stage for the rest of the gore and abhorrence. Let’s just say it involves a glory hole, gardening equipment and a hammer… I will leave the rest to your imagination, but I think I might very well have been scarred for life.

Another scene that I can’t seem to get out of my mind involves what I would call a “swirly”. I feel I could have finished out the rest of my life without ever having to see something as disgusting as this… curious what that is? You’ll have to watch to find out. The craziness does not stop there though as the film is full of disturbingly graphic scenes that are quite original and unlike anything else I’ve ever seen before in a horror movie.

Mayhem aside, the movie’s saving grace (at least for me) is the soundtrack. The whole film is set to a really cool death metal and includes live performances by Incantation and Soulless. The metal background fits the movie really well and adds another dimension to the experience (I think it’s the reason I made it through the whole 77 minutes).

At the end of the day, After Party Massacre is brutal in every sense of the word… and perhaps just a bit too much for me. With that being said, if you’re a fan of all things extreme, than this DVD might be right up your alley.

Run Time: 77 minutes
Release Date: October 11, 2011

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