Carmichael, CA youngins Fate released their label debut and only album, Vultures, in 2008 on Metal Blade Records. At the time of release the members were barely of legal drinking age (which would mean less possible shows to play), yet they still had a growing fan base of loyal metal heads. The disc offered 10 demolishing tracks each of which were as heavy as any matured band. Compiled of blast beats and deathening guitar licks, the band ripped out some sweet death metal.

After listening to Vultures it’s hard to believe that at such a young age, Fate were able to create music of this quality and garner the following they did. Even though the band is no longer together, this release will remain one of Metal Blade’s hidden gems.

Track Listing:

01. Apostasn
02. Psychopatic Diary
03. Your Creed Is Greed
04. Battle Grounds Beneath My Feet
05. Harrowing Infidelity
06. Vultures
07. Of Riddance And Innocence
08. Call Me The Apocalypse
09. Decapitate Delilah
10. Ruins Of Necropolis

Run Time: 29:50
Release Date: April 29, 2008

Check out the song: “Battle Grounds Beneath My Feet”