The man, the cook, the author! Bruce Moore has written for PureGrainAudio for years now, conducting interviews and reviewing albums for all you music fans. Now he’s taken it upon himself to create his own book about music… with a twist. By adding a dash of cooking he has created a rockin’ cook book chock full of sizzling recipes.

For Those About To Cook is a compilation of over 50 recipes from some of the world’s great artists. You’ll instantly recognize names of bands such as Dark Tranquillity, Unleash The Archers, Guns N’ Roses, Sister Sin, Hemoptysis and many more; each of whom have submitted their own unique recipes. The styles range from vegetarian, desserts and side dishes to drinks, snacks, meat and breakfasts. Regardless of meal style however, each one is as tantalizing as the last.

Moore’s book is nicely arranged with a band bio, websites and the recipe for the special dish. While definitely a new concept within the published side of the music industry, Bruce was brave enough to tackle this project head on and the end result is quite appetizing. Everyone one who likes food and music should definitely check out For Those About To Cook and attempt some of the delicious recipes… maybe these favorite foods contribute to the bands’ awesome music?

Written by: Bruce Moore
Format/Length: Hardback, 143 pages.
Publisher: Safket Publishing (August 1, 2011)

Check out Bruce talking about his book