Arsonists Get All The Girls have had a great 2011 releasing their fourth studio album Motherland on Century Media Records, playing some festivals and hitting the road on some sweet tours. Guitarist Jaeson Bardoni recently took some time out of his busy holiday scheduale to exclusively tell PureGrainAudio what he considers to be the 10 albums of 2011. Check it out below.

10. Glassjaw – The Coloring Book EP

The Skinny:This EP is brilliant. It’s very catchy, very fresh, and offers something a little new to the table. There are some parts that really groove and some parts that are just straight up catchy. Fans of this band are die-hard for a reason, they set the standard for post-hardcore.
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09. Trap Them – Darker Handcraft

The Skinny: I catch myself banging my head up and down singing the lyrics to the album whenever I’m listening to this. Heavy, groovy, and aggressive attitude. Think of Black Flag meshed with Converge. This band is incredible.
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08. Picture It In Ruins – Solipsism

The Skinny: I’ve seen this band many times. Very honest music, melodic, technical, and extremely well written. Every time I listen to this album it’s an experience for me. So much talent.This band does not get the recognition they deserve.
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07. Fuck The Facts – Die Miserable

The Skinny: A female fronted non-gimmick band. This is what grindcore should be, loud, angry, and abrasive. The album as a whole is a very well-balanced. It’s got the right riffs in the right places, has a crushing overtone, and it is not boring in anyway. There is a reason why this band is talked about in grind scene.
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06. The Dwarves – Are Born Again

The Skinny: The Dwarves have always been one of my favorite bands since I was in highschool. They’re pissed, sarcastic, psychedelic, surf, and also have some hardcore elements to their music. They’ve been around for almost 30 years, and this latest release showcases them doing what they do best.
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05. All Pigs Must Die – God Of War

The Skinny: With members of Bloodhorse, The Hope Conspiracy, and Converge, you can’t expect this band to be any less than amazing. Extremely pissed, very loud, crusty, and their music has hints of the members’ main bands. Music doesn’t really get angrier than this.
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04. Between The Buried And Me – The Parallax Hypersleep Dialogues

The Skinny: To be honest, I couldn’t get into anything by this band after their second album Silent Circus. I just went too progressive for me. However, this album is by far their most well written and constructed album to date, They take everything they have touched up on with all their albums and have taken their sound into new territories. Incredible album all the way through.
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03. Bayside – Killing Time

The Skinny: I love this album front to back. On this album they take the direction they went with their last album Shudder, however lyrically they went back to what made me love them in the first place. Anthony’s lyrics speak of life experience and troubles, just like they did on earlier albums.
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02. Oathbreaker – Maelstrom

The Skinny: Unfortunately nowadays most female fronted hardcore or metal bands are gimmicks. This band is one of the VERY few exceptions. We played a festival a few winters ago and this band was on the bill. They put on such a great live show that none of us could help but buy their EP. Now fast forward to this year, they released their first full length on Deathwish Inc. That label suits them perfectly. Their sound reminds me of Shipwreck and Converge. Angry, gritty, and in your face. This band is awesome.
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01. Cloudkicker – Let It Be Huge

The Skinny: This one man instrumental band is amazing. The prodigy is Ben Sharp and this is probably one of his best albums to date. It’s extremely dynamic and very easy to listen to. I always find myself putting this album on at least a few times a day.
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Check out the song: “Will Someone Please Turn Down The Ocean”