Doylestown PA’s Daylight will release ‘The Difference In Good And Bad Dreams’ EP January 3rd via Run For Cover Records. A music video for the track “Damp” is premiering exclusively at this location. Run For Cover has launched a pre-order for the EP and 3 new tees HERE.

‘The Difference In Good And Bad Dreams’ is Daylight’s third proper EP in as many years and a precursor building up to next year’s much anticipated debut full-length. These four new songs mark the Doylestown, PA quintet’s most focused and diverse record yet. Twinkling leads and Cobain-esque vocal dynamics add space and dimension atop of walls of grungy gained-out guitars. The tempo of the music harkens to brooding, patient mid-90s post-hardcore a la Fugazi or Quicksand, lending to a desperate undercurrent running beneath the songs. The thick rhythm section and spacious, huge drum parts are perfectly written to support some of the bands catchiest and biggest vocal hooks to date.

Daylight’s signature unrelenting lyrical depression continues yet with a more melodic and dynamic vocal approach, complimenting the band’s musical progression. With this EP, the band has effectively carved out it’s own notch in the contemporary punk movement, paving the way for a breathtaking debut LP in 2012.

‘The Difference In Good And Bad Dreams’ Track Listing:

01. On The Way To Dad’s
02. Hungry At A Funeral
03. Damp
04. In My Dreams

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