Busker Bros is a three man band from Whitby, Ontario. With Chris Panacci on guitar and vocals, Sean Panacci on guitar and Dan Leduc on drums, this group stimulates my ears in the best way possible. With influences like Sonic Youth, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead and Franz Ferdinand, Busker Bros has a varied transience that finds an easy place in the mind, and then dresses to impress. The psychedelic tone of this band breaks down into rhythmic guitar riffs and strong insistent vocals. Busker Bros has perfected the art of musical ambiance laced with complicated timing and a certain sense of… well, being bad-ass!

Busker Bros began in high school for drummer Dan Leduc and Chris Panacci. Jamming in an unorganized fashion led to structuring and solidifying their songs. Chris decided to start singing, and states, “I’m inspired by video game music, haha. That’s kind of what got me into music in the first place.” In two sessions, Busker Bros recorded sixteen one take recordings so that they could build off of these rough tracks and promote their band.

This past summer, Sean Panacci was chosen to play bass on the tracks, and has become a permanent member of the band. Busker Bros began recording one song at a time and have released a track a week since June. The boys switch up instruments often and are not restricted in what they play live, or on on their recording’s. The song writing process is pretty collaborative, each song has someone taking the lead but the mutual conception of the song is apparent.

Busker Bros aims for variety, daring genre bending, and ultimately blowing your mind. “Some of our songs sound very different from each other because they reflect so many different influences and moods that we go through as people,” says Chris Panacci. Drummer Dan Leduc touches on the band’s progress, “It’s all just been trial and error so far, but you’ve got to start somewhere, and this was a good learning environment.” Busker Bros has no plan on stopping anytime soon, and will continue releasing songs, and writing new ones. Keep your ears open for these boys, they’re not going anywhere! You can find their music for free on their bandcamp page (link above).

Check out the album ‘From A Frozen Shoreline’