Nightwish has definitely kept us in quivering anticipation for their new album, having released their last one, Dark Passion Play, four years ago. The first new single is available today (November 9th, 2011), giving us a sneak peek into what the concept album Imaginaerum holds for us when it’s released at the end of the month.

“Storytime” begins with Tuomas Holopainen evoking a creepy sense of foreboding with his melodies on the black and whites, leading into a full-blown intro reminiscent of “Bye Bye Beautiful” from the previous album. The song is typical Nightwish and in that sense, doesn’t disappoint, with it’s bouncy rhythms and epic orchestral accompaniments.

The weakest part of the song for me was the chorus; it felt empty, like something was missing as it definitely lacked the “fullness” the rest of the song possessed. This was made up for however by a brilliant bridge, again reminiscent of past work (“Crimson Tide/Deep Blue Sea”). On one hand, this song was utterly unsurprising and failed to push any boundaries, but on the other, it is yet another testament to how skillfully Nightwish marries classical music to metal.

The video’s theatrical elements of Phantom of the Opera, Alice in Wonderland (?), and circus themes certainly leaves one salivating for Imaginaerum, the album and the movie which is based on the concept album.

Run Time: 4:05
Release Date: November 9, 2011

Check out the song: “Storytime”