Where Did All This Dirt Come From is the debut release from the sludge rockers Music Hates You. The first track, “There Is No Light In Dark Corners”, kicks things off with a ferocious, filthy, catchy little number. It’s hard to believe, but underneath all of the noise and distortion there’s a fairly catchy chorus that sort of gets under your skin. The rest of the disc is filled with raw, sludgy tunes that straddle the line between hardcore punk and doom metal yet still manage to contain enough grooves to make them fun and an enjoyable listen.

Bottom line, I think the title of the disc is quite appropriate because sonically this really is an extremely dirty-sounding album; which is not a bad thing. Unlike many other over-produced, over-polished releases in the genre I think Where Did All This Dirt Come From has an honest, organic feel to it, which in a way is refreshing. Check this one out, I think it’s well worth a spin.

Track Listing:

01. There Is No Light In Dark Corners
02. In the Key Of Dirt N’ Dumb
03. HELL NO! I Ain’t Got The Goddamn Rent
04. The Jig Is Up
05. Perfect
06. “o” God
07. …So Much Dirt In My Spotless Lab
08. Sweet Hole Alabama
09. Get Your Hand Off My Titty Blues
10. You Have Failed As An Audience
11. Some Sort Of Grace

Run Time: 37:48
Release Date: August 9, 2011

Check out the song: “O’ God”