Hailing from Pickering, Ontario, guitarist Nick Perovic, and vocalist Dylan Cooper provided insights for their band, Constellations. They have an EP coming out very soon, and a strong local fan base that is on the rise! Constellations have no limits and are willing to step out of the box musically, and for their fans. I got a real sense of passion and drive while talking with these boys. They have a defined notion of what role music plays in society and on the individual, and had some real in depth comments to make regarding the decorum of music, and stressed the malleability which they try and aim for.

How about some background info on the band. How did you guys form, and how long have you been together?
Dylan: We’re from Pickering, Ontario! We all come from different bands and have been together since late August last year. The band began with a totally different line-up than the line-up we have now. The old line-up was going through something different, more of a death core feel. We are going for a more technical, progressive sound. We didn’t think it was in our best interest to continue with the original line-up.

What sound can people expect from your upcoming EP?
Nick: It’s gonna sound different, we’re trying to go for something unheard of in this local scene. A lot of us came from bands that no one cared about or paid attention to. I think people expected us to be similar to other local bands, so when we released our track online, people were surprised. We are trying to clash old school and new school hardcore. Not a lot of bands are doing this right now. We want to give people something fresh. No one wants to experiment cause it’s such a risky genre to be diverse in. We don’t want to limit ourselves, we want diversity.

When’s it set to come out?
Nick: We don’t have a date for it yet, and we don’t want set one in case we don’t reach it. Were just starting to finish up pre-production with Matt Newcomb, of Newcomb Studios in Baltimore. It’ll be roughly, a 2012 release. We have two special guest vocals- at least one of them, everyone is gonna know. The other one is from a band that probably not a whole lot of people know but they’re really talented. It’s a surprise for our fans, for everyone… even us!

Who are your main musical influences?
Nick: As a band, we’re into For the Fallen Dreams, Ghost Inside, and Stray From the Path. We all have very different tastes though.

What is the song writing process like?
Nick: It’s hell. I’m the main song writer now. I usually comes up with some riffs, bring ’em to band, and we’ll screw around with it and jam out. Then I’ll take it home and see what I can come up with. We work together, because I can’t just come up with something on my own. Dylan and I work with vocal structure and melodies after the lyrics are written.

Who’s been your favourite band to play with?
Dylan: Amongst The Deceased, a Toronto progressive deathcore band. They’re awesome dudes. This Is Death Valley, we play with them a lot and they are good friends of ours. Also, Conquered Ground; they’re a really good band and know what they’re doing. We respect them.

You guys have all come from a background of being in other bands. How has this affected Constellation’s band dynamic, and does it have an adverse affect on your style?
Dylan & Nick: We learned through experience. We’ve all been in bands that progressed but didn’t end up going anywhere. They were average local bands that went through a lot. We took what we learned & applied it to Constellations. We’re stronger as a band. We learned that we have to go outside our comfort zone, we have to be a little gusty. If we really wanna do this-we have to go other places and not get into a routine. Change is important. Gotta keep fresh and be very friendly to everyone! Burning any bridges is a bad idea.

Check out the album ‘Death To Us’

Who do you one day hope to share a stage with?
Nick: A good opportunity would be to play “All Stars” or “Warped Tour”. Any music festivals would be great.

Dylan: My dream tour would be as follows; Slipknot will headline, followed by A Day To Remember, followed by Suicide Silence, then Whitechapel, then For Today, and finally, Constellations.

What is on your ipods at the moment?
Nick: New trivium. The new album is back to the melodic tone. Right now we’re really digging the new Woe, Is Me. The majority of us have been listening to Volumes full length.

Are lyrics important to you?
Dylan: There is always a meaning behind our lyrics. We find that people can relate to the lyrics on this EP. Our stuff isn’t like, “Oh, I’m gonna gut you in the face cause I’m evil!” We try to stray away from the crude (Acacia Strain is great,but we don’t want to write like that, we wanna be well thought out) Lyrics are the best way to define you as a band, and if you want sing about killing women, then that’s how you’re gonna be remembered. If that’s what you’re going for, great. Still,you need to have a sense of human expression. A sense of the real.

Do you want to carry a certain message across? If so, to who (any specific audience?)
Nick: We don’t care who listens to us. But if there is one thing we will stand by, it’s that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it. There is always hope, you can always catch your dream. We stand for this. The whole band does. We are doing something that we really want, even though we aren’t that big. We want to take this message and send it back to everyone.

How important is music to the individual and society presently? What role do you think it plays?
Dylan & Nick: Music is very personal. What you listen to and what your choices are defines you. I believe music is very needed in this world, but we have flaws globally, and music helps people get through it. It brings people together but also gives you your space. Getting rid of music would take a huge chunk out of society. Music gives the world life. No matter what kind of band you are, its still music and it attracts people. Music is all around us. Music makes the world go round, it’s the easiest way to put it.

Where do you hope to see yourselves in five years?
Dylan & Nick: Together and touring. Together would be the best. Signed and stable, with tours that are helping us. We know we wont make enough money but we’d love to do this as a career.

What do you have to say to your fans?
Dylan & Nick: We love you. We appreciate all of you. We encourage you to come see us play. We guarantee that we never slack in effort and energy, we want to put on a good show for you. Be patient with us! We have a lot on our table, we want to take this as far as it can go.