Stepparents have been fodder for movie plots for as long as I can remember. It seems there’s always a bit of unease and distrust when a new guy moves into your house and marries your mom. That distrust is the basis of this movie except there’s a bit of a twist. In this case, teen Rusty Funkhouser‘s distrust is warranted because as it turns out, not only is his stepfather, not a nice guy; he is a freakin’ vampire as well, hell bent on conquering the world.

The plot is well thought out and extremely well executed especially for a low budget indie horror movie; and the special effects and makeup are really good too. I’ve been reviewing independent horror movies for a while now and this is one of the better looking ones I’ve had the pleasure of viewing. Overall there’s a nice mix of humor and horror leading up to a climactic end. If indie horror is your thing than this DVD is well worth checking out; it’s 85 minutes of solid entertainment.

Run Time: 85 minutes
Release Date: November 22, 2011

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