Two tracks from controversial noise-grinders Anal Cunt’s (A.C.) upcoming collection, ‘The Old Testament’, have debuted at this location. The tracks contain the band’s first demo from 1988 and an unreleased cover version of a song from a Muppet TV special. This posthumous 2CD collection of all their earliest works will see its release on November 22nd via Relapse Records.

‘The Old Testament’, the last completely authorized A.C. release, showcases the band’s earliest and most forceful work. In addition to the infamous ‘5,643 Song’ EP and the bands early split releases, ‘The Old Testament. also includes A.C.’s first demo (from April 1988) and last session in 1991, neither of which have been heard by anyone outside the band. ‘The Old Testament’ includes liners penned by charismatic founder and songwriter Seth Putman shortly before his death, as well as an epilogue from original A.C. drummer Tim Morse, tons of never-before-seen early photos, and much more.

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