Wormrot has once again proven that speed is never enough for them. They are much faster on this record than on Abuse, with the entire album clocking in at a mere second over 18 minutes long. Random and non-political titles (“Butt Krieg is Showing”, seriously?!) make a much welcomed and hilarious return, so does Arif’s rapid-fire shrieks and death growls, and Rasyid’s crust-coated hooks.

Fitri’s already-fast drumming goes into overdrive mode here and is largely the reason why this album is faster when compared to 2010’s Abuse. This unfortunately also sacrifices some of that same, previously-heard, infectious grooviness and makes Dirge sound mostly like an exercise in standard grind speed attacks. Tight, stop-start rhythmic patterns are still rampant however, as most clearly heard in tracks like “Spot A Pathetic” and “Erased Existence”.

The groovier tracks would be “Public Display of Infection”, “Evolved Into Nothing”, “Principle of Puppet Warfare”, “Manipulation” and “The Final Insult”. Overall, this album will still be fun to spin in the stereo for a few more replays if you feel that you “blinked and missed” the first 18 minutes of scorching precision attacks while you were away taking a dump.

Track Listing:

01. No One Gives A Shit [0:43]
02. Compulsive Disposition [1:03]
03. All Go No Emo [0:25]
04. Public Display of Infection [1:01]
05. Overpowered Violence [0:40]
06. Semiconscious Godsize Dumbass [0:32]
07. Spot A Pathetic [0:38]
08. Evolved Into Nothing [0:43]
09. Butt Krieg is Showing [0:50]
10. Fucking Fierce So What [0:05]
11. Ferocious Bombardment [0:35]
12. Principle Of Puppet Warfare [1:03]
13. Deceased Occupation [1:26]
14. Waste of Time [0:42]
15. Stench of Ignorance [0:29]
16. Meteor to the Face [0:39]
17. Addicts of Misery [0:37]
18. You Suffer But Why Is It My Problem [0:04]
19. Erased Existence [0:45]
20. Back Stabber Mission Aborted [0:42]
21. Destruct the Bastards [0:11]
22. Plunged Into Illusions [0:34]
23. Manipulation [1:01]
24. A Dead Issue [1:07]
25. The Final Insult [1:49]

Run Time: 18:01
Release Date: May 3, 2011

Check out the song: “The Final Insult”