This is Hell come out the box swinging on their fourth full-length release, Black Mass. The first thing I noticed when I began listening to this disc was the slight change of direction in the band’s musical style. While they still have a solid hardcore base, Black Mass seems to incorporate more metal elements into the mix. This is especially evident on the tracks, “Black Mass” and “The Wars: Part Two” which in my opinion are more all-out thrashers than hardcore punk tunes. No matter how you categorize these guys though, this is a really good effort and one fans are sure to dig.

I’m particularly fond of, “The Last Outlaw”; it grinds and chugs along begging you to bang your head. The groove got under my skin and stayed there forcing me to listen to it over again. I would highly recommend Black Mass, in my opinion it offers up the best of both the metal and hardcore genres.

Track Listing:

01. Acid Rain
02. Salt Of The Earth
03. Black Mass
04. The Wars: Part One
05. Mi Nombre
06. The Last Outlaw
07. Demons
08. The Reckoning
09. The Wars: Part Two

Run Time: 34:43
Release Date: October 11, 2011

Check out the song: “Black Mass”