WATCH OUT CANADA! Rock band Kill Matilda are back with their new album, I Want Revenge, and blast through 10 tracks of grungy rock ‘n’ roll with a gothy twist. The music is simple… but the sound is raw. I like how they’ve brought back the solo bass parts, even if it’s not a complex riff. I thought those parts died in the early 2000’s, but Mykel Exner has proven me wrong. Also, the band brings back Dusty Exner’s spine-chilling, aggressive singing and shouting.

If you dive into the booklet you’ll find a caricature of each band member complete with video game power level stats (speed, strength, defense, recovery, charisma). They even have a weapon of choice, hometown and class. Maybe I Want Revenge is really a soundtrack for a Kill Matilda video game? That would be rad. Killing zombies to songs like “Geisha With A Switchblade”, “Already Dead” and any of the other tracks. I would love to see a game come about from I Want Revenge, but for now I’m just stoked to be listening to these sweet, new tunes.

Track Listing:

01. Zombie Apocalypse
02. Already Dead
03. I Want Revenge
04. Geisha With A Switchblade
05. No Shame
06. The People Vs.
07. Promegranate
08. Law Abiding Citizen
09. PBJ
10. Thest Drive Of Neurotica

Run Time: 34:18
Release Date: October 11, 2011

Check out the song: “Geisha With A Switchblade”