Check out the song: “We Speak In Tongues”

Formed only last year, Wolves Like Us is a rock/hardcore band from Oslo, Norway featuring members of several other prominent Norwegian bands such as Amulet, Infidels Forever, JR Ewing and Silver. The band is just one of several other up and coming metal bands from Oslo which is quickly becoming one of the biggest metal scenes in the world. The group’s debut record Late Love was just released last month featuring the hit single “Deathless.” They recently toured with the reformed San Diego hardcore band Swing Kids in July with a European tour scheduled in November and December with Kvelertak and Trap Them. In this short chat with the group’s lead vocalist and guitarist Lars Kristensen, Lars talks about the writing and recording of the band’s debut record, what bands he grew up listening to and what the hardcore scene is currently like in Oslo.

Your debut album Late Love was just released recently in North America. Have your feelings on the album changed at all now that it’s out compared to when you were recording it?
Lars: Yes. It was recorded mid-winter; my daughter was born in the middle of recording it so everything was quite bizarre for me during that session. I honestly don’t remember doing much of the vocals. I was in a daze. So, for me, it’s surprisingly good.

How many songs did you record in total for Late Love? Was it difficult to decide on the final ten that made the album?
Lars: The songs on the record were the only songs we had. So it was a pretty easy choice.

What was your exposure like towards music growing up in Oslo, Norway? What were some of the bands you listened to?
Lars: I grew up listening to Iron Maiden and pop music before I discovered Fugazi, The Ramones, The Cure, Pixies and Sonic Youth in about the same two weeks in 1991. I can still sum up my musical tastes pretty much with the bands I mentioned.

The group has only been together one year. How did all the members meet?
Lars: We’ve known each other for a long time, we’ve been a part of the same little scene in our town. Oslo is really small.

It seems like you recorded Late Love relatively quickly to have it out already. How long would you say you spent on writing and recording for this album?
Lars: I wrote the songs over a period of years. Some were old and I had demos lying around, and some were made by this collective in the practice room. It’s hard to say. I’m writing all the time, so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when a riff or a vocal melody appeared in my head.

How do you go about writing songs? Do you all jam together in a room or do you write parts individually and then bring them together?
Lars: Both. I tend to come up with the riffs, but 90% of the songs are jammed on and made to work in a loud way.

Check out the song: “Deathless”

You recorded Late Love with Ruben Willem who has produced a lot of other bands in your area. How did you first hook up with Ruben and how did he come to produce this album?
Lars: We love his band, Haust, and really wanted his sound. His approach is amazing.

What is the rock and hardcore scene like in Norway right now? Are you just one of many new bands coming out of the country?
Lars: It’s pretty productive. Not that many bands, but good music though, and a good scene. I’m old now, so I don’t really go to as many shows as I used to, but I think the kids make genuine, good stuff. Bands like Like Rats from a Sinking Ship and Blood Command are amazing.

What’s next for Wolves Like Us? What can we expect from you for the rest of this year and early 2012?
Lars: Touring, touring, touring. A small tour with Blood Command in October. We’re playing all over Europe with Kvelertak in November and December. We are going to the States in March 2012 and another Euro tour in April – so we are keeping busy.