Bassist Tobias Rosén and vocalist/guitarist David Indelöf of the doom metal band Noctum spoke with me recently about their newest release, The Seance. The band recently inked a deal with Metal Blade Records and are preparing to take their brand of doom-inspired metal to the masses. These guys really pack a punch, taking their influences early ’70s groups such as Black Sabbath they really pound it out. Here’s what Rosen and Indelof had to say about the band, the record deal and The Seance.

You guys just signed a deal with Metal Blade Records. How did that come about?
Tobbe: We received an email from Will Palmer of the UK Office and later on Faley from The USA and everything went smooth from there on.

By gaining a major label deal at such an early point in your career it’s clear that record execs see a lot of potential in your abilities. How do you not let that sort of pressure get to you when on the road or writing new material?
Tobbe: Not really, it’s great for the motivation etc. but in the end it’s just all about making a record we’re happy with. Hopefully other people will enjoy it as much as we will do.

Debut albums really define a band. Making a strong first impression is crucial, especially in metal. Tell us a bit about The Seance. What did you feel were the most important things to include on this album?
David: I don’t think we had a goal-oriented sound at that point. We had been playing for about 9 months when we recorded the album. We just wanted to play some nice 70’s proto metal, and I wouldn’t say we were looking for something original, compared to today.

You guys include a cover of the Pentagram tune “Lazy Lady”. How did you wind up choosing that song and is there any significance to it?
David: Pentagram has always been an influence for us. We have been trying some Pentagram songs to cover, and we realized that “Lazy Lady” fit us the best. And it’s also a very good track!

What can fans expect when they pick up a copy of The Seance?
David: It is quite similar to The Fiddler, but with more finesse in the songs, and perhaps in some people’s ears, more blues in the sound. According to me, I really think the quality of the songs on the EP really is noticeable compared to the The Fiddler.

How quick are you in the studio?
Tobbe: The Seance were recorded in less than 24 hours, Me, David and Gustaf had about 2-3 hours each to lay down the ground recordings.

How did you develop your solos?
David: The solos have not been that big a difference. But I’m trying to do solos outside the “Pentatonic box”, to create a more original sound. There is a short melody on the song “The Fiddler” witch is very jazzy! I think it’s on the third verse. The pentatonic box is very hard to avoid in this type of music, but you develop as a guitar player all the time. I, for example, am trying to experiment with some notes in the major scale.

Any touring plans?
Tobbe: Right now, just a two-date tour with our friends in Brutus, we are focused more on the record right now.

Check out the song “Mistress” here.

Who are your biggest influences on your playing?
Tobbe: Personally Geezer Butler as a bass player, lyric writer and music writer. But there are loads of important bands etc.

What three words best describe your band?
Tobbe: Classic seventies rock.

Times are tough these days. Do you have a job when you are not touring?
Tobbe: No one has a job, we’re studying right now, mostly to earn money and survive and focus 100% on the music and the band.

What is next for Noctum?
David: We are looking for a suitable guitar player, and really hope for the best. We are working on new material for the next album. Hard to say when it will come, but hopefully sometime next year!