Beyond The Morninglight is a gloomy, heavy, rock and roll band that calls Norway home. They are currently hard at work on their sophomore release, Liberation, and vocalist Runar Funeralheart took some time away from the studio to speak to me about the recording and writing process. Here’s how it went.

How is the recording process going for the new disc, Liberation?
Runar: So far we have recorded 4 out of 10 songs. In which the new video/single “Open Your Eyes” is the second track. We are going back to the Misantrof studio this weekend to start the final recordings. Hopefully Liberation will turn out as powerful and epic as we want.

Do you have an anticipated release date yet?
Runar: No exact date is yet decided, but by early 2012. That’s for sure.

I think sophomore albums really define a band and oftentimes make or break a band. That being said did you feel any pressure at all while writing this record?
Runar: There was no pressure at all. The riffs and melodies came very naturally. But we have also grown as musicians and composers, so we know how to make music that has the BTM sound or trademark. Not so fresh and naive as on our first album. That being said, the lyrics are what takes the longest time to complete. They come in waves and I had to get into my own state of mind and drink in solitude for days and weeks.

What is the writing process like? Do you all write together or is it more the efforts of one particular member of the band?
Runar: We try to write as much as possible together. But with Andy Amin having his day job and me being unemployed the last two years, it’s no secret the front man is the main composer and arranger.

What made you decided to work with Daniel Vrangsinn? How has it been working with him?
Runar: We met him in a studio called ANP back in 2007 when recording a demo. He was the producer and we had good chemistry from day one. He is a really great guy who helps us a lot and working with him is easy. We share the same passion and vision about our music.

Check out the song: “Open Your Eyes”

When you write do you ever think about the live performance?
Runar: On the first album we didn’t think about it at all. We were too occupied trying to make the most progressive and psychedelic music on the local scene. Something we did. But on our sophomore album, Liberation, we are definitely more aware of the outside world. We have also more electric guitars to give the sound a little heavier touch when we bring it live.

What lyrical themes do you cover?
Runar: The lyrics in general are dealing with life itself and all the issues, challenges and questions being a human. How I see the world through my eyes. Don’t want to say any more. Let the people tell the story of the songs; they all have different meanings for each and every one.

What 3 words best describe Beyond The Morninglight?
Runar: Gloomy, rock and roll.

Do you have any touring plans made yet?
Runar: Right now our main goal is to finish the new album, but we are going to audition for more members/musicians after the album is completed. We’re really looking forward to playing live and dying to meet the fans.

What is next for Beyond The Moonlight?
Runar: Finishing Liberation and do what we do better than any other.