Wow… on their new disc, the horror punk band pulls out all the stops, releasing a record that is much more mature than their previous efforts. While the trademark Grave Robber sound and spiritual message are still intact, the songs are bigger, tighter, heavier and more powerful than anything they have released before.

I was even pleasantly surprised to find some killer shredding solos included in many of the songs this time around. The thing I like best about this record however, is the production; this is an incredible-sounding record that is literally light years away from their previous work.

I think Grave Robber has hit full stride with You’re All Gonna Die. This is top notch horror punk providing 40 minutes of ghoulish delight that is going to go a long way towards positioning theme as a force to be reckoned with. I highly suggest checking this one out; you won’t regret it.

Track Listing:

01. Flatliners
02. You’re All Gonna Die
03. Paranormal Activity
04. Invisible Man
05. Something Wicked This Way Comes
06. Nightbreed
07. Haunted House
08. Incredible Shrinking Woman
09. Last Man On Earth
10. Fill This Place With Blood
11. Curse Of The Werewolf

Run Time: 40:13
Release Date: October 11, 2011

Check out the song: “You’re All Gonna Die”