Gothic, horror, thrash, grindcore metal band Ghoul has just released their new CD, Transmission Zero, upon an unsuspecting music scene. The tracks are heavy, blood-soaked and loaded to the gills with gory references to all things macabre and taboo; nothing is sacred as far a lyrical content is concerned. This is most evident in the songs “Blood Feast” and “Off With Their Heads.”

I got more than a few chuckles at the lyrical content and at first I was not sure if I should take the band seriously as I’m not sure if they even take themselves seriously. After a few listens however, it’s evident that despite the tongue-in-cheek “B” movie horror lyrics there are some very good songs at the core of it all.

This is not a gimmick band because these guys dish out seriously heavy, seriously good metal, loaded with terrific riffs. If you’re a fan of sleazy, horror-themed metal then Transmission Zero is going to be right up your ally. I know I really enjoyed it, even though it left me feeling a bit filthy and in need of shower.

Track Listing:

01. The Lunatic Hour
02. Off With Their Heads
03. Destructor
04. Death In The Swamp
05. The Mark Of Voodoo
06. Brain Jerk
07. Blood Feast
08. Morning Of The Mezmetron
09. Transmission Zero
10. Tooth And Claw
11. Metallicus Ex Mortis

Run Time: 39:43
Release Date: November 8, 2011

Check out the song: “Metallicus Ex Mortis”