When I was in high school I was an average listener of MxPx. That said, their side project Arthur, was another band I took a fancy to (it consists of Mike Herrera, Tom Wisniewski, Yuri Ruleu (who all came from MxPx) and Neil Hundt who drum tech’d for the trio). This group released their Loneliness Is Bliss EP back in 1999 and 11 years later released this, their first full-length, Watch The Years Crawl By.

Even though a timeline of years stretches between the CDs Arthur writes as if a gap never existed. The songs are a softer and slower version of MxPx taking away all traces of punk and instead push their rock side. With the addition of a second guitarist they’ve written simple, overlaying riffs to help mature their sound. And in case you’re wondering… yes Mike’s vocals are still catchy like always.

If you know Arthur’s past EP Loneliness Is Bliss you’ll hear the familiar track “Thought A Lot”, which was re-recorded for the full-length. Watch The Years Crawl By is a release I think all MxPx fans should check out along with their other side projects (The Cooties, Tumbledown, Mike Herrera).

Track Listing:

01. Cold Outside
02. America
03. Be Still
04. Heartache
05. Tuck You In
06. To Have and To Hold
07. Tie Me To You
08. Thought A Lot
09. Out of the Blue
10. Fortissimo
11. You Bring Me To My Knees
12. Still Haven’t Reached You

Run Time: 38:48
Release Date: December 7, 2010

Check out the song: “Tuck You In”