The Skinny: You’re about to watch the world premiere of ACIDIC’s new new music video for their song “Uninspired”. The vid is as amazing as the song and is chock full of passion, energy and a cool back story. Here’s what vocalist and guitarist Mike Gossard had to say about the video. “Angry, seductive women, that was the original intention of the band when asked what we wanted a music video to be about. The song “Uninspired” was naturally a very promising contender for a music video, being that it is our single, and we wanted leave the viewer with the impression that they’d just inherited a serious story.”

“Having met Kelly King at a gig we’d played in Temecula a year previous, we approached him because of his innovative style and the fact that he’d been immensely into the project. We began with pre-production and decided that we wanted to do something extremely dark, entertaining, sexy, and seductive. Aspects of the project assimilated with no issue and we moved to shooting. I remember showing up in our touring van to this warehouse and walking in and seeing a girl in a bikini, a sea of light bulbs, a mock stage set up, a torture room and this seemingly ecstatic guy walking around in bohemian garb, Kelly King.”

“The man was a genius, it began with all the shots of us playing, then moved to us being tortured by a very lovely lady named Autumn… we all enjoyed it. We ended the day with me being tied up in chains and having to escape in a cloud of smoke, then running and jumping off of a roof. It was surely the most fun I’d ever had shooting a music video and I am intent to repeat the process with Kelly King. We are currently writing our next album so things are going to be very interesting for Acidic in the very near future. If you want to see a video that will rock you and make you smile in your own insanity, choose uninspired.”


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