The Skinny: I think it’s only fair to start this off by admitting that I don’t think I ‘get’ metal. I find that it all just kind of blends together, without anything being really distinct. This said, I do ‘get” good music and Columbia, South Carolina-based melodic death metal band Your Chance to Die produce just that.

Without going into boring details, I think the most important thing I can say about Your Chance To Die’s latest record Suscitatio Somnus, is that EVEN I can tell that all nine songs sound distinct, but unified. Heavy, crushing drums and guitars, and snarled lyrics that I won’t even pretend to understand are found on all songs, but with enough difference to keep the album feeling fresh, even to someone that can’t stand the genre.

A band since since 2007, Your Chance to Die offers a unique sound that melds death metal with beautiful yet haunting melodies. Their live show is rich with passion and an equally devastating and brutal sound; the type that you feel rumbling in your chest. Any band that can release a record that even non-metal fans can appreciate to some degree is one that should definitely be checked out!

Genre(s): Melodic Death Metal, Deathcore, Metalcore, Blackcore, Melodic Deathcore

Check out the song: “Annuit Coeptis”