In Progress is the latest release from Swedish melodic hard rock outfit, Work Of Art, and there’s enough passion, energy, melody, and well-crafted arrangements packed into this disc to really satisfy fans of the genre. The disc opens with a bang and I found myself totally rocking out to “The Rain” and “Nature Of The Game”, but then things got a little sketchy for me.

The syrupy ballad, “Once Again,” sort of slowed things down too much and ruined the album’s vibe, but I do understand and can appreciate the fact that this type of song is the heart and soul of the genre. The musicianship once again is top notch; these guys really know their way around their instruments, but for me it was not enough to keep me coming back for more. Bottom Line fans of this type of music will absolutely eat this up. It is polished and pleasing and I is the perfect “date night” soundtrack.

Track Listing:

01. The Rain
02. Nature Of The Game
03. Once Again
04. Eye Of The Storm
05. Until You Believe
06. The Great Fall
07. Call On Me
08. Emelie
09. Fall Down
10. Castaway
11. One Step Away

Run Time: 55:07
Release Date: August 23, 2011

Check out the song: “The Great Fall”