In anticipation of the release of their latest album entitled ‘Kingdom Of Ruin’, Vanghough recently shot a music video for their song “Drained”. Metal Injection is hosting an exclusive premiere of the video at this location.

With their newly completed third album, the grandiose ‘Kingdom Of Ruin’, Vangough have taken their conceptual visions another step ahead. The story of The Rabbit Kingdom is about a man who is stepping through the veil of two realities. One reality is of his human life and the other a land where rabbits rule in an idyllic forest kingdom. Through the course of the story he begins to realize his link to this other world and has to come to the difficult decision if he should stay a human or take his place as the rightful heir to the throne in this faraway kingdom.

Musically influenced by everything from older prog rock acts like King Crimson and ELP to modern day Flower Kings, over metal bands like Pain Of Salvation, Evergrey and Pantera, Vangough embraces it all. With the concept split in two halfs; one metal and one rock oriented, ‘Kingdom Of Ruin’ is sure to become a landmark on the current music scene and a staple for future progressive bands.

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