I was immediately intrigued by this one when it crossed my desk. A band named after my favorite book of all time; I had to give them a listen. So it was with a blank palate and no expectations that I popped this into my player. What I found was a good, melodic alternative/metal band that packs a real punch.

I think if this were just “normal” alternative metal the band would get lost in the shuffle, but the clever use of melody and melodic vocals sets these guys apart from the pack; at times there’s even a touch of an “emo” thing happening (which does work well in this case).

Bottom line, I feel that The Things They Carried are unique enough to stand out in this crowded genre of average players. Give this one a spin, there’s a good chance we’ll be hearing more from them in the near future.

Track Listing:

01. The Rationality Of Failure
02. 364 Day Anniversary
03. Less Fun Than Being Dead
04. Mosely
05. Doubt
06. 18G
07. Is That Your Idea Of What A Girl Should Look Like?…Not Mine
08. I Can’t Tell Anyone
09. An Ode To Rachel Winters
10. Memoriam

Run Time: 33:59
Release Date: December 28, 2010

Check out the song: “An Ode To Rachel Winters”