In Elsie, the debut from Gaslight Anthem lead singer Brian Fallon’s side project The Horrible Crowes, Fallon shows off much more soulful and introspective songs than those found on his day job CDs. Showing off a clear Tom Waits, PJ Harvey and Afghan Whigs influence, Elsie relies more on Fallon’s voice, and some quiet guitar and organ tracks to set the tone of the record.

The real standout tracks of the record are the ones that sound least like something you would find on a Gaslight Anthem record, but sound like something entirely their own. “Blood Loss” and “I Believe That Jesus Brought Us Together” stand out as two tracks that rely only on simple guitar and organ music, to tell stories of heartbreak in an incredible way.

I think this is a record that any fan of The Gaslight Anthem, especially those that appreciate Tom Waits or PJ Harvey, should check out; it’s definitely one that deserves to be listened to all the way through, without other distractions.

Track Listing:

01. Last Rites
02. Sugar
03. Behold The Hurricane
04. I Witnessed A Crime
05. Go Tell Everybody
06. Cherry Blossoms
07. Ladykiller
08. Crush
09. Mary Ann
10. Black Betty & The Moon
11. Blood Loss
12. I Believe Jesus Brought Us Together

Run Time: 45:00
Release Date: September 6, 2011

Check out the song: “Last Rites”