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Jarek Hardy, guitarist and backup vocalist of the Ajax born band, The Johnstones, recently revealed a little info about his first tattoo. Based on art and image, Jarek says that his tattoos have aesthetic value, and that the meaning behind tattoos is not important.Tattoos are just another art form for him. His first tattoo was a tribute to his band, and he plans on getting more.

When did you first decide you wanted tattoos?
Jarek: I first decided that I wanted tattoos at like 18, ha. I saw everyone else getting them, and I just wanted one.

Where did you get it done?
Jarek: I got my first one with Rene at a place in Hamilton, in Hess village.

Do you plan on getting more?
Jarek: I plan on getting more, yes. Not sure what, but definitely more.

What do you think tattoos represent?
Jarek: Tattoos are art. I don’t believe in them having to have any extra meaning. Same reason that you’d get your ear pierced, or put on makeup – that’s what I think tattoos stand for. Just art. They’re purely aesthetic pour moi.