Swedish sleaze and punk influenced metal band Sister have just released their first music video off their brand new album ‘Hated’ for the track “The Unlucky Minority”. Check it out the worldwide premiere of “The Unlucky Minority”, which was shot and edited by Jimmy Johansson of Super Lino Puro Productions below.

Here’s what the band had to say about their new video: “We filmed this video for “The Unlucky Minority” in one evening without any major plans really but with alotta sweat and beers instead! Keep it simple and keep the Sister approach to it all. This video represents us and just like the album, we’ve captured the raw and dirty feeling in it. This is a straight rock n’ roll video with no fucking around. Just pure Sister. The video was shot and edited by independent film maker Jimmy Johansson (creator of Arkusan Martinsson, Brutt, Brunsås the movie) an ‘old friend/drinking pal/roommate to the band’ who has followed and hung out with the band since the beginning.”

For more information, please visit: www.facebook.com/sisterband.