HERE” rel=”external”>Guitar World has premiered a new track “Blood Of Tyrants” from Molotov Solution’s upcoming full-length ‘Insurrection’ to be released October 25th on BlkHeart Group (No Bragging Rights, Destruction Of A Rose). The Track delivers the band’s death metal meets hardcore weight that they are known for with a further developed technical attack than their previous album (the band last released ‘Harbinger’ on Metal Blade in 2009). What carries through is the albums’ central theme of revolution and of taking power into your own hands rather than expecting the Government to do what’s right on your behalf.

In a new interview guitarist Robbie Pina said “In terms of the album’s lyrics, we wanted to promote the idea of self-empowerment. Things like educating yourself and taking control of your life. These are things that are talked about all the time, but there’s never enough urgency. So we’re saying, “Let’s do this already!””

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