Banquet for a Starving Dog is the newest release from New York-based hard rock band Eve To Adam. The release hits hard as the first song, “Run Your Mouth”, grabs you by the balls and sets the tone for the rest of the disc. I’ve listened to ETA before and this effort seems heavier and more aggressive than previous releases, yet still retains the detailed, riff-centered guitar work and anthemic singalong choruses for which they’re known.

I didn’t even mind the slowed down ballad, “Getting Weird.” I think Eve To Adam have hit full stride and have created what I feel is their best release to date. Really there are no filler tracks on here every tune is a solid rocker that I can hear flooding the airwaves of any modern rock station in the country. Kudos to the guys and if you want something new, give this one a spin, it’s really good.

Track Listing:

01. Run Your Mouth
02. My Vanity
03. Faultline
04. In A Hurry
05. Stay
06. Banquet For A Starving Dog
07. Ransom
08. Getting Weird
09. Little Says
10. Hold The Light
11. Reach
12. Glasses High

Run Time: 54:47
Release Date: September 13, 2011

Check out the song: “Run Your Mouth”