Another seven years has passed since the release of the ‘The Ballads III’. Seven years of writing, recording and collecting even more emotional and melancholic songs. To keep with the tradition, the band decided to record 3 brand new tracks for this ballad compilation.

Starting today Noisecreep is hosting an exclusive premiere of Pell’s take on the legendary Dio track “Holy Diver”. In addition you can check out an interview with Axel himself. Be the first to listen “Holy Diver” HERE.

‘The Ballads IV’ Track Listing:

01. Where The Wild Waters Flow
02. Holy Diver
03. Hallelujah
04. Nothern Lights
05. Noblesse Obligue
06. Love Gun
07. Glory Night
08. In The Air Tonight
09. Touching My Soul
10. Like A Child Again
11. No Chance To Live
12. Haunted Castle Serenade (Opus #4 Grazioso E Agresso)
13. The Curse Of The Damned

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