This disc has been a looong time coming! The melodic UK rockers, Airrace released their debut way back in 1984 and are finally following it up with their sophomore effort a staggering 27 years later. I’m not sure many bands would be able to pull off a feat like this, but amazingly Airrace has done it! They’ve successfully released a relevant melodic, hard rock record that I think fans of the genre will totally dig.

Admittedly the melodic hard rock thing is not usually my cup of tea and I was listening through this disc with an open mind, I came upon two songs that totally took me by surprise… and blew me out of the water. “Enough Of Your Loving” and “Better Believe It” are straight up hard rock/metal tunes that really kick some tail; they’re heavier and edgier than anything else on the disc.

Overall I think this is going to be one of the best releases in the melodic hard rock genre this year; it’s a terrific record with an edge that really sets them apart from the rest of the pack. Welcome back Airrace, welcome back!

Track Listing:

01. Keep On Going
02. Two Of A Kind
03. When Baby
04. Call Me Anytime
05. So Long
06. Back To Start
07. Just One Kiss
08. Wrong Way Out
09. One Step Ahead
10. Enough Of Your Loving
11. Better Believe It
12. What More Do You Want From Me?

Run Time: 42:40
Release Date: