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The Skinny: Featuring multi-instrumentalist Emmanuel Jessua and drummer Thibault Lamy of French experi-metalists Hypno5e, A Backward Glance On A Travel Road (ABGOATR) unleashes that same universe of depth and dark ambience, and truly shows a unique and stunning vision to music in their own way, obeying no musical code.

Along with this, ABGOATR shares their open mind and cultural awareness with the listener, including multiple guitars, cello, chants, tribal percussion, shocking samples, and realization warped from Jessua’s signature archives and extracts. Plus, it’s all done acoustically, while keeping an epic and progressive feel, mood swings from haunting to hopeful, and ambient passages as deep as the abyss. ABGOATR has created a soundtrack to life, where the message is ultimately to each their own.

Pulling your heart’s strings, ABGOATR translates real life situations and imagination as if you are feeling every emotion with every music note, seeing every picture generated from every scene, and visioning every concept interpreted to life. It’s beautiful. It’s the truth. It’s the future…

From the epic and moving thriller of Regular Barbary to the open minded mood swings, brilliant time changes, and acoustic-metal accents of Hier Regnant Desert, the band gives you the chills in a whole new way. Their creativity can both terrify your soul, and a heartbeat later give you enough insight to see where you’ve gone wrong in life, and turn around to live to its greatest success.