“FUCK PUSSY METAL!” is the message Without Mercy are proclaiming and after listening to their self-titled debut, I cannot agree more with this statement. The band name, Without Mercy, offers insight into their sound: ruthless, menacing, brutal and HEAVY. Every one of the album’s songs is true to the band’s name as they’re pure death metal that gouges your poor, helpless eardrums.

Shredding heavy instrumentals and venting guttural growls is the insanity derived from this CD – you can actually feel the energy the members of WM have put into this record. Don’t mess with Without Mercy as they are presently one of most brutal bands in Canada. So, as the band says, “FUCK PUSSY METAL” and go listen to their self-titled debut!

Track Listing:

01. Death Remains
02. Through The Haze
03. Slit
04. Chasm
06. Succumb
07. Pattern
08. All Else Fails

Run Time: 31:46
Release Date: October 10, 2009

Check out the song: “Chasm”